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Updates From The Harbormaster

It has been a great few weeks so far at Hartge Yacht Harbor and I have been able to meet a lot of wonderful people and fill a lot of requests for repairs. As always, I am happy to help so don’t hesitate to stop and ask for assistance when needed. Our garden project is well underway, and we will have a nice variety of herbs, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and more that will be planted shortly. I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Chris Floyd and the crew

from Landscape Solutions for putting this all together for us. It looks amazing so far!

Thanks! – Brad Wells


Going Above & Beyond

I think heroism is when somebody really goes above and beyond the call of duty and does something outstanding for either themselves or somebody else.“- John Assaraf

 At Hartge Yacht Harbor we strive to go above and beyond for our customers. Click the link below for a customer story / thank you to one of our newest staff Brad Wells-Harbormaster.

A Customers Thank You!

Arundel Rivers Pumpout boat is back in action!

Call/Text 443-267-7717

VHS Channel 71

Saturday & Sunday from 9 am – 11 am for HYH 

They are offering a unique opportunity for a free pumpout service while you are on your boat. Contact the marina office if assistance is needed or to schedule a pumpout. 

The Honeydipper is a 22-foot C-Hawk boat that was purchased with a grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, which continues to fund the operating costs of the pumpout program

2022 Mooring Update

The entire mooring field has been updated and reorganized. All anchors and hardware have been heavied up with ample swing radius. Pickup sticks with flags will make it easier for boaters to access the eye of the pendant to run the bridle through. 

  There are three sections to the mooring field. The Red section can accommodate boats up to 65’, the White section can accommodate boats up to 45’ and the yellow section can accommodate boats up to 35’. If your LOA is close to one of those increments, it will be best to move up to the next size to ensure adequate spacing. 

Annual mooring contract terms will be March 1 – December 31. All boats must vacate moorings for the months of January and February. In the event a boat was to be taking on water when ice prevents us from responding to de-water, the result could be environmentally adverse, and we cannot take that chance. Winter land storage or a winter slip will be a separate agreement.

   For the 2022 season, we will prorate all annual contracts to commence on July 1. We anticipate the mooring field to be ready to be occupied prior to that and there will be no additional charge for arriving to the mooring in June once they are installed. The rates breakdown is as follows.

Mooring Rates and Map 2022

Welcome Home Hartge Yacht “Yard”

Left: Alex Schlegel- Owner and Operator of Hartge Yacht “Yard” and Right: Hamilton Chaney- Owner and Operator of Hartge Yacht “Harbor

   We are excited to announce that after 13 years, Hartge Yacht “Yard” is returning to its original Church Lane location in Galesville, MD at Hartge Yacht “Harbor”. Beginning September 1, Hartge Yacht “Yard” will operate the service operation while Hartge Yacht “Harbor” will continue to operate the marina.

   After purchasing Hartge’s in June of 2021, we began extensive investment into the entire facility. The piers, bathrooms, buildings, grounds, wifi, dinghy racks, processes, and procedures have all been our focus. We believe that this is the next step in making Hartge’s the very best it can be. With our marina expertise and Hartge Yacht “Yard’s” service excellence, Hartge’s will provide a high-quality full-service marina experience.

   Alex Schlegel, great-grandson and namesake of founder Emile Alexander Hartge has owned and operated Hartge Yacht “Yard” for over 40 years, building it into one of the most trusted names on the Bay for service, maintenance, and repair. In 1865, Schlegel’s great grandfather Emile started Hartge’s original location in Shady Side. Then in 1878, he moved his family to build a house and boatyard business in Galesville at the Church Lane location.

    The very first time I looked at Hartge’s, I knew it could be one of the best full-service repair facilities on the Bay. After talking with Alex and his son Xan, I knew how. Their commitment to quality service, customers, and their people reminded me of ours, making them the perfect fit. By combining the two talented crews of Hartge Yacht “Harbor” and Hartge Yacht “Yard”, we look forward to providing customers with an exceptional service experience.

   Hartge Yacht “Yard’s” team of experts will offer services for anything your boat may need: carpentry, commissioning, electronics, electrical, fiberglass, painting, rigging, mechanical, winterization, shrink-wrapping, survey haul-outs, and scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Hartge Yacht “Yard” will operate out of the renovated Big Shop, Stock Room, and the 3-bay Paint Shop. The plan is to combine their current employees with the “Harbor” service personnel for a combined workforce of about 40 employees. They will have the larger 50-ton travelift in addition to their 25-ton and 30-ton lifts, two hydraulic trailers, an all-terrain crane and gin pole, and an extensive inventory of shop equipment. The “Harbor” has twice the dry storage space and more elbow room than they have now.

   The facility and services will be a significant resource for our slipholders and yard customers. We warmly welcome back Alex and his Hartge Yacht “Yard’ team.

 S. Hamilton Chaney

Owner and Operator, Hartge Yacht Harbor

New and Improved Racks

New and Improved Racks

 The new dinghy racks are ready to be occupied! The new dinghy storage and launch feature all-new racks, a paver walkway, and a floating dock. The path from the storage to the launch is wide enough to maneuver the dinghy card from the racks, down the walkway, down the gangway, and out the low freeboard floating dock for easy launching and retrieval. 

The new racks and convenient launching also feature less expensive dinghy storage. The top racks are $75 for the whole year while the middle and the lower racks are $150 for the entire year. Kayak racks are $75 for the year. The year will run consistent with your slip year, April 1st – March 31st. This will be a once-per-year transaction and with the low rate, we will not be pro-rating.

 Please help us maintain this area in a clean and clutter-free manner. The racks are built with pine lumber that does not scratch the dinghies so please do not fasten carpet or any other items to the racks. The carpet rots the wood and does not provide extra protection for your dinghy.

 Please contact the marina office to reserve a rack. We will always be happy to help you get your dinghy on and off the racks any time during office hours.

 We hope you enjoy the improvements,

-Thank you!