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New and Improved Racks

New and Improved Racks

 The new dinghy racks are ready to be occupied! The new dinghy storage and launch feature all-new racks, a paver walkway, and a floating dock. The path from the storage to the launch is wide enough to maneuver the dinghy card from the racks, down the walkway, down the gangway, and out the low freeboard floating dock for easy launching and retrieval. 

The new racks and convenient launching also feature less expensive dinghy storage. The top racks are $75 for the whole year while the middle and the lower racks are $150 for the entire year. Kayak racks are $75 for the year. The year will run consistent with your slip year, April 1st – March 31st. This will be a once-per-year transaction and with the low rate, we will not be pro-rating.

 Please help us maintain this area in a clean and clutter-free manner. The racks are built with pine lumber that does not scratch the dinghies so please do not fasten carpet or any other items to the racks. The carpet rots the wood and does not provide extra protection for your dinghy.

 Please contact the marina office to reserve a rack. We will always be happy to help you get your dinghy on and off the racks any time during office hours.

 We hope you enjoy the improvements,

-Thank you!