Marina Map

2022 Mooring Update

The entire mooring field has been updated and reorganized. All anchors and hardware have been heavied up with ample swing radius. Pickup sticks with flags will make it easier for boaters to access the eye of the pendant to run the bridle through. 

  There are three sections to the mooring field. The Red section can accommodate boats up to 65’, the White section can accommodate boats up to 45’ and the yellow section can accommodate boats up to 35’. If your LOA is close to one of those increments, it will be best to move up to the next size to ensure adequate spacing. 

Annual mooring contract terms will be March 1 – December 31. All boats must vacate moorings for the months of January and February. In the event a boat was to be taking on water when ice prevents us from responding to de-water, the result could be environmentally adverse, and we cannot take that chance. Winter land storage or a winter slip will be a separate agreement.

   For the 2022 season, we will prorate all annual contracts to commence on July 1. We anticipate the mooring field to be ready to be occupied prior to that and there will be no additional charge for arriving to the mooring in June once they are installed. The rates breakdown is as follows.

Mooring Rates and Map 2022